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Best Fencing Options for Your Parking Lot

Many commercial facilities neglect to fence in their parking lots, especially if they share a lot or are in a well-lit outdoor environment. Parking lots aren’t your biggest investment, and most people don’t invest in protecting them. While it may seem unnecessary to fence in this part of your facility, an extra layer of security can be beneficial to both you and your customers. 

Adding a fence around the perimeter of your parking lot keeps your entire property safe when your business is closed. It also helps to keep pests, organic debris, and other natural elements out of your facility, making for easier parking lot cleanup. Below are some of the most common parking lot fence options, and the pros and cons of each: 

Chain link

Chain link fencing is the most popular option for parking lot fences. They are affordable for large properties, are relatively maintenance-free, and can easily be designed to roll open and closed for ease of use. These are especially popular for employee-only parking lots that are separated from the rest of the facility. 


Aluminum fencing is a more sophisticated metal option for commercial facilities that can enclose an entire property, including the parking lot. Aluminum is more often used for aesthetic purposes, as it is less practical than rolling chain link fencing. However, it is ideal for historic buildings or venues where the look is just as important as the function. 

Galvanized steel

Industrial facilities and large commercial sites sometimes need solid fencing for their facility to reduce noise and keep property inside protected. If you are looking for a solid and sturdy fencing option to encompass your entire property, galvanized steel may be your best option. Wood and vinyl are also great options for solid fencing, but wood typically requires more maintenance and vinyl can become prohibitively expensive for large spaces. 

Adding automatic gates

If you plan on building a fence around your parking lot, we recommend adding an automatic gate for ease of access. This makes it easier for employees to park in the morning while keeping your facility more secure. FloriFence offers a variety of automatic gate options to keep you secure at all times. 

If you’re interested in building a new commercial fence or need to add to your existing one, call the FloriFence office today!

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