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Best Fencing Options for Your Outdoor Showroom

Outdoor showrooms are an integral part of the dealership experience, whether you’re selling cars, boats, motor homes, home and garden supplies, or other large merchandise. They create the best atmosphere for sales, and ensure your product can be securely stored outdoors. However, without proper fencing for your outdoor showroom space, you will never feel secure leaving your facility at night. 

FloriFence specializes in commercial fencing for all types of businesses. We can help you build a secure fence for your property that keeps merchandise in and unwanted visitors out. Below are some of the most common and safe fencing options for businesses, with the pros and cons of each: 

Chain link

Chain link is the most common type of commercial fencing, and also one of the most practical. It can be built to roll open and closed easily, and provides an affordable barrier for most outdoor areas and parking lots. However, chain link can be easy to climb, and often requires extra security measures such as cameras and alarms to ensure your facility is safe. 


Aluminum fencing is another popular choice for commercial facilities. Like chain link, it can be easy to climb, but it offers some of the same benefits of chain link with an added aesthetic flair. Aluminum is great for outdoor showrooms where style is as important as practicality. 


Wood fencing can be used for outdoor commercial spaces where privacy is important. If you want to completely enclose your facility from the outside world, wood provides an affordable option to keep peering eyes and unwanted guests out. However, wood is the most time-intensive fence to maintain and does not last as long as metal fencing.


Vinyl fencing is more common for residential properties because of its higher price tag, but it can be just as suitable for commercial properties. We recommend vinyl for smaller outdoor facilities where privacy and security are top concerns. While it is more expensive, it will last longer than wood and is more difficult to climb over than aluminum or chain link. 

FloriFence can help you build the ideal fence for your commercial property or outdoor showroom. To learn more about your options, pricing, and installation times, give us a call today!

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