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Best Fencing Options for Your Gated Community

When designing a gated community, you need to set high standards for every element of construction. From the landscaping layout to individual home style, every detail matters. At FloriFence, we can help you get one detail right every time – your entrance and community fencing. Our range of fencing products and custom installation make design planning a breeze. 

Below are some of our recommendations for gated community fencing, and how you can customize each with the FloriFence team: 

Aluminum or galvanized steel for front entrances

The front entrance of your gated community needs to be both secure and elegant. For a tall, graceful, and private entrance, we recommend commercial aluminum or galvanized steel. These can be made to automatically open and provide a beautiful welcome to your gated community. And, unlike wrought iron, these types of metal fencing are rust-resistant and don’t need annual maintenance other than occasional cleaning and lubrication of moving parts. 

Wood or vinyl for neighborhood fencing

If your community’s HOA wants uniform fencing throughout, we recommend wood or vinyl for homes. High-quality cedar or redwood looks great in gated communities, especially in a natural Florida environment. However, if you’re worried about longevity and maintenance, vinyl can be a great option that looks great and will last a lifetime. Made of specialized plastic, vinyl required minimal annual maintenance and lasts four times as long as wood with proper care. 

Options for pool fencing

If your gated community has a pool, you must surround it with safety fencing that meets Hillsborough county guidelines. This can be accomplished with a variety of fencing options, however. You can use a painted chain link for a practical but aesthetically pleasing choice, or go for aluminum or vinyl for a waterproof, high-end option. We don’t recommend wood fencing for pools as close proximity to water can allow the wood to degrade more quickly. However, any other option in the FloriFence catalog can be customized for pool safety and security. 

If you are planning real estate development or are managing a community that needs new fencing, contact FloriFence today! We are happy to help you design fencing that meets your community’s standards and safety needs.

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