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Best Fencing Options for School Campuses

With the final semester just around the corner, it may be time to start thinking about summer renovations for your school. New landscaping, a thorough maintenance sweep of older buildings, or the construction of a new fence can be the perfect way to invest in your students’ education. Because a clean and well-maintained campus is one where students feel safe and able to learn without distraction. By building a new fence for your school, you can create a more structured outdoor environment and prevent visitors from walking in unannounced.

However, choosing the right fence for your campus can be tricky. Below are suggestions for different fencing options based on the area, your needs, and your school’s budget:

Aluminum fencing for front entrances 

Aluminum fencing is one of the most beautiful fencing options available. With a classic architectural charm and rustic black color, aluminum can look exactly like wrought iron fencing. However, unlike wrought iron aluminum won’t rust or corrode due to water damage over time. It is water-resistant and only requires an annual cleaning to look good as new. We recommend aluminum for any area where impressive, aesthetically pleasing fencing is required. 

Chain link for parking lots and recreational facilities

For sports fields, practice areas, parking lots, and other student-centered areas, we recommend chain link fencing. This option is much more affordable than aluminum and therefore you can cover much more ground with it. Chain link is also flexible and water-resistant, making it ideal for sporting areas where the fence may take a beating. 

Wood fencing for outdoor eating and social areas

If you want to offer a little more privacy for students to enjoy eating, studying, or socializing outside, use wood fencing to create a closed-off space. Vinyl can also be used in place of wood, but we often recommend wood because it is more affordable and easier to tear down as the needs of your campus change. However, wood requires significantly more maintenance than other types of fencing, so be sure your maintenance department can handle the extra effort to reseal, wash, and inspect for termite damage. 

FloriFence can help you create a custom fencing plan for your school campus. We offer a variety of materials and pricing options to suit your needs and budget. To learn more about fence installations or campuses, contact us today!

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