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Best Fencing Options for Parks and Recreational Facilities

When designing a public park or recreational facility, proper fencing is a must. It can be used to keep children’s play areas safe; to keep wildlife out; and to provide clear markers for trails, entrances, and fields. In order to design fencing that flows with your overall concept, contact FloriFence for expert design advice and installation. 

We offer a wide range of options for commercial and public spaces, ranging from affordable chain link to high-end options like vinyl and aluminum. Depending on the application and plans for use, we recommend these products for commercial and public use: 

Chain link for general parks and recreation use

Chain link is the most affordable and practical option for fencing. It can be easily installed and will stand the test of time with proper maintenance. And, with different paint options, you can customize your chain link and improve its aesthetic appeal. Chain link is often used for sports fields, trail markers, enclosed play spaces, and off-leash dog parks. 

Aluminum for gardens and entrances

If you want a more stylized choice for front entrances, gardens, terraces, and other areas of your public space, we recommend aluminum fencing. This option looks just like wrought iron but is rust-resistant, making it much easier to maintain. With regular cleaning and lubrication of gate hinges, it can last several decades. Aluminum is also a great option for pool fencing. 

Wood or vinyl for privacy fencing

If you want fencing to provide privacy for seating areas, pools, or other outdoor spaces, we recommend wood or vinyl. Wood offers a unique natural appearance that is popular and is relatively affordable for covering large areas. However, it does not last nearly as long as vinyl and will require regular maintenance to prevent water damage. Vinyl, though more expensive than wood, is significantly easier to maintain and will last up to four times as long as wood fencing. Depending on your needs and budgetary restrictions, either of these is a great option for privacy fencing. 

FloriFence offers options for every type of outdoor application. If you’re interested in working with us for your next public park or recreational facility project, give our offices a call today!

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