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Best Fencing Options For Commercial Properties

FloriFence specializes in commercial fencing projects for Central Florida businesses. We understand how important security and privacy are for your property and want to help you make the best decision for your fence installation. However, there are a variety of different options for commercial fences, all suitable for a specific application. 

Choosing the right fence for your business is not cut and dry. Almost all fencing material that can be used on a residential property can be used on commercial premises as well. To make the best choice for your property, keep these three factors in mind during your consultation: 

Privacy vs. Security

Most commercial properties prioritize security when installing a new fence. Whether you want to keep your equipment and merchandise safe, or prioritize the safety of those onsite, security fencing is important for building an ideal commercial facility. 

CHain link fencing is one of the most common options for security fencing. It is affordable to install over a large property, and can be built up to eight feet to protect your assets and close shop at the end of the day. However, chain link offers little privacy for your property. If you operate a facility in which privacy is a priority as well, there are several other options to consider. 

Vinyl fencing is more expensive than chain link, but it offers greater privacy and a unique aesthetic appeal. While automatic gates are typically not an option with vinyl, you can keep areas such as playgrounds, courtyards, and other areas private. Vinyl fences are just as easy to maintain as chain link, and will often outlast chain links due to their solid structure which can help justify their higher price tag. 

Aesthetics vs. Practicality

Wooden fences are another popular choice for commercial facilities. Though often associated with residential fencing, wood can be used for commercial properties where aesthetic value is important. Wood offers the most natural look, and can be painted or stained to preserve its beautiful grain. Plus, they can be used for privacy and to reduce noise on loud commercial sites. 

While wood is a beautiful fencing option, it is also the most labor-intensive. Wood needs to be repainted or stained every few years to protect it from water damage. Even then, the lifespan of wood fencing is usually only 10 to 15 years. Aluminum, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds. It has an elegant appearance while resisting water damage and requiring much less maintenance than a wooden fence. Plus, unlike other types of metal fencing, it won’t rust over time. 

You have nearly endless options to customize your commercial fencing with FloriFence. To learn more about our products and installation services, contact our offices today!

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