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Best Fencing Materials for a Sound Barrier

Sound barrier fencing can be a blessing if you live next to a busy road, in a school district, or any other place where there is a lot of hustle and bustle on your street. You can use a sound barrier fence solely to dampen the sound of a neighbor’s barking dog, or to keep your own noise level under control if you like to throw house parties and backyard barbecues often. However, finding the right sound barrier for your yard can be tricky. That’s why FloriFence is here to help. 

For a fence to be an effective sound barrier, it needs to be relatively solid. We typically use wood or vinyl for these purposes, but choosing the right option for you involves several factors,  not just noise reduction. 

Wood fencing vs. vinyl fencing 

The right fence for your home isn’t just about creating a sound barrier – it’s about finding a fence that serves all of your needs. Wood and vinyl are the best options to keep noise to a minimum, but each has several unique benefits you should consider before making your choice. 

Wood is the more economical fence option of the two, and can absorb some of the sound coming from the streets. It is also an easily customizable option and looks great in almost any suburban setting. However, it is more difficult to maintain and may not last as long as vinyl fencing due to its susceptibility to water damage. 

Vinyl is more expensive, and may not block sound quite as well, but is a more practical overall fencing option for several reasons. It can last three to four times as long as wood, and does not need any maintenance to preserve it from water damage. In general, vinyl is a better investment for a long-term fencing solution. It will still block out some of the noise from the streets and will last 30 to 40 years with no more than annual cleanings. 

Fencing options are endless at FloriFence, so contact us today to discuss different sound barrier options for your yard!

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