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Best Fencing for the Florida Heat 

For Florida homeowners, weather is always a concern when it comes to renovations. Will the new construction stand u to hurricane-force winds and summer heat? This can affect everything from a new garage to a redesigned fence. Before you begin a new home renovation, you need to know which materials will stand up to 90-100℉ temps for long periods of time.  

In the fencing industry, there are two materials we most often recommend for Florida temperatures: vinyl and aluminum fencing. While wood can stand up to the heat, it will fade due to prolonged sun exposure and requires more maintenance to prevent water damage during the rainy summer months. Vinyl and aluminum fencing, on the other hand, are resistant to both fading and water damage which is ideal for Florida’s hot, humid climate.  

Vinyl fencing is powder coated rather than painted so it is resistant to color fading. And, because it is made of heavy-duty plastic, it is not susceptible to water damage at all. Some critics of vinyl say that it can warp in extreme temperatures, but in our experience this almost never happens. Vinyl is also a great privacy fence option if you want your backyard to feel more secluded.  

Aluminum fencing – either fashioned in chain links or to look like wrought iron – is another great heat-resistant fence option. Like vinyl, it won’t warp or fade in the sunlight as long as you keep a fresh coat of paint or sealant on it over the years. And, aluminum is the only metal fencing type that is completely rust-resistant. While aluminum doesn’t offer the complete privacy that vinyl does, it is a strong and stylish material that is popular in many residential areas.  

FloriFence specializes in weatherproof fencing, and can help you choose the best option for your specific location and stylistic preferences. To learn more about residential options best suited for Florida weather, contact us today! 

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