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Best Fencing For Hotel and Condo Pools

FloriFence specializes in commercial fencing for businesses across Central Florida. We receive quite a few requests for hotel and condominium pool fencing. It is an essential safety element for most hotels, and can instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your pool. If you’re looking for the right fence material for hotel or condo pools, here’s what we recommend:

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is becoming one of our most popular choices for pool fencing. This hard plastic fence is water-resistant and can be powder-coated to resist color fading over time. Plus, it provides the closest resemblance to wood fencing that many property owners love. Though more expensive than other options, vinyl fencing will give your guests privacy and security while they enjoy a swim. 

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is another popular option for pool fences and gates. Unlike other types of metal, aluminum fencing won’t deteriorate when exp[osed to water. Plus, it provides a more transparent barrier which can make your pool look more inviting to guests. With proper care and a high-quality powder coating, aluminum fencing will last at your hotel or condo for decades. 

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is the easiest and simplest fencing option to install around a pool. It provides an adequate safety barrier and is the most affordable option on this list. While some property owners don’t like the look of chain link as much as vinyl or aluminum, it will provide all the same practical benefits at a fraction of the cost. 

If you are looking for pool fencing options in Florida, contact FloriFence today! We offer plenty of commercial options that will improve the safety and comfort of your pool. We provide fast installation with a one-year service guarantee. If you’re looking for a trusted contractor to take care of your hotel or condominium fencing, FloriFence is the place to call!

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