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Best Fencing For Horse Farm Paddocks

Central Florida is home to some of our state’s most beautiful farmland. As you move inland, you’ll find gently rolling hills for miles, and plenty of space to build the horse farm of your dreams. Whether you’re a Florida native equestrian looking to upgrade your paddocks and riding ring, or an investor looking to build your dream equine center, FloriFence is here to help!

We have worked on many residential and commercial equestrian centers, and believe that these options are the best for paddock and riding arena fencing: 

Standard wood fencing

Most paddocks and fields are designed with high-quality wood such as oak or cedar, with 8-foot centers. This is not only a beautiful choice but a safe one for horses. Wood is strong enough for horses to lean on, and if it breaks it will not injure them as badly as metal or some wire fencing. Wood fencing can be painted and stained to preserve its appearance. Plus, cedar fencing can deter pests. 

If you choose wood for your paddock fencing, be sure to stain it and plan your installation ahead of time. Rounded corners and cement underlayer will enhance the safety of your paddock. You should talk about these details with your FloriFnece contractor prior to the first day of installation. While wood is our most popular choice, there are other options for your paddock and arena fencing such as vinyl. 

Modern vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is becoming more and more popular for agricultural and ranch use. This strong plastic fencing can stand up to the elements and does not rot, splinter, or crack like wood can. Vinyl fencing can be painted or powder coated to any color you like, and will last a lifetime with proper care. It is not only one of our most popular options for residential fencing, but for equestrian centers and commercial properties as well. 

However, be warned that not all vinyl fencing is created for equine use. You need to use heavy-duty vinyl that cannot be pushed over by horses. Talk to your FloriFence contractor to choose an industrial-grade vinyl fence for your paddocks to ensure it is safe and durable for your purposes. 

FloriFence would love to help you on your next ranch fencing project! T learn more about your options, contact our local offices today. 

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