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Best Fences for Different Dog Breeds

Building a fence is an important step in creating a pet-friendly home. You want your furry friends to be able to run and play outside, and a fence helps you keep them safe while they do so. Unless your dog is highly trained and knows to stay out of roads, you’ll need a fence for your outdoor play area. 

However, not all dogs will stay contained in the same type of fence. We recommend different fence styles depending on the size, breed, and activity level of your dog:

For small dogs 

Small dogs typically don’t need elaborate fencing in order to keep them safe. They can usually be contained by low picket or lattice fencing, or chain link if you want a standard size fence. However, be careful with terriers as they may be inclined to dig under fencing and escape the yard. Other small breeds like Yorkies, Dachshunds, and Pugs, however, will love a small fence so they can greet visitors while playing outside. 

For digging dogs 

Terriers, Labs, Boxers, Retrievers, and other active dogs are notorious for digging under fences. If your dog is known to dig holes under fences to see what’s on the other side, we recommend aluminum or vinyl fencing that can be reinforced with concrete or chicken wire underground. This can prevent dogs from digging under the fence without the use of electric fencing or other potentially harmful barriers. 

For athletic dogs 

Bigger athletic dogs like Huskies, Shepherds, and Great Danes can dig and sometimes jump over fencing, making them the most difficult to keep contained. We recommend using vinyl fencing for these dogs as it can be built taller than chain link or aluminum, and is more difficult to grip than wooden fencing. 

For aggressive dogs 

Aggression and reactivity vary by breed and individual temperament of dog and can be very difficult for owners to handle. If you have a dog who is constantly barking at passersby or jumping on your fence, we recommend a wooden or vinyl fence to keep them contained. The blocking of visual stimuli outside the yard can help keep your dog calm while they’re outside. Plus, wooden and vinyl fences are sturdy and can handle a dog jumping on them from time to time. If your dog is constantly jumping on your fence, we recommend wood as it is easier to repair the finish. 

At FloriFence, we are big animal lovers and enjoy helping customers build a backyard that can be just as fun for them as it is for their pets. For more questions about appropriate pet fencing for your home, contact us.

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