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Best Fences for Commercial Properties

FloriFence specializes in commercial fence installations throughout the Central Florida region. WHile many of our commercial clients come to us with a practical project in mind, others have more freedom to choose their fencing based on purpose and aesthetic features. If you’re unsure of what type of fence you want to build for your commercial property, this guide is for you. 

Typically, we recommend metal fencing for commercial properties over wood or vinyl. Wood fencing is usually too high maintenance for commercial properties, and vinyl has a distinctive residential appearance that isn’t fitting for commercial properties. Vinyl is also very expensive to install around the perimeter of a large commercial property. Of the many metal options you have for commercial fencing, we recommend these three: 

Chain link

Chain link is the most popular metal fence for commercial facilities. It is simple, affordable, and offers you the option to add rolling gates for outdoor storefronts and parking lots. The only downside to chain link is that it can be easy to climb, which means that your property is not fully protected from burglars. However, with proper security cameras and a tall chain link fence, you should be able to prevent most theft and enjoy your chain link for all of its other practical uses. 


Aluminum fencing provides a more upscale look to fencing than chain link, and is often used for entrances or for commercial properties with gardens and landscaped courtyards. Though it is more commonly used for residential fencing, it provides a durable and beautiful look similar to wrought iron, without all of the expensive maintenance. 

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is a strong fencing material that is ideal for industrial facilities and commercial properties where privacy fencing is needed. Galvanized steel is used for both open fencing and privacy fences, and looks sharp with very little maintenance required. If you want heavy-duty fencing that can withstand weathering over time, galvanized steel is a great option. 

Contact FloriFence to learn more about your options for commercial fencing installation. We are here to help you plan the right fence that will last on your commercial property for decades.

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