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Best Fence Material for Florida Weather

For most Floridians, the local weather is both a blessing and a curse. While we enjoy endless summers and beautiful beach days, the hurricane season can cause a variety of issues not only for our lifestyles but our homes as well. The stormy summer months are hard on your home, as they can cause water and wind damage over time.

As a smart homeowner, you want to plan around these conditions to ensure your fence lasts the full extent of its service life. While any fence design can be built to withstand hurricane season, some fare better than others. 

It comes as a surprise to many clients that chain link fencing is best for Florida weather. Aluminum chain link fencing is rust-resistant, which means it can withstand years of rain without looking weathered. Because it is not solid, it will also bend with high-speed winds rather than break. This makes it more durable in harsh weather than more solid fencing like wood and vinyl.

Vinyl and metal fencing are other strong contenders for withstanding Florida weather. While more susceptible to wind damage, vinyl is also completely water-resistant and will not age over time due to the rainy summers. Aluminum fencing is also rust-resistant, but not all metals are the same. If you have a wrought iron or another metal fence, you need to protect it from water damage with a water-resistant coating.

Wood fencing is arguably the least durable in Florida weather. It is not naturally waterproof and will snap more easily than metal or vinyl during high-speed winds. However, there are things you can do to ensure your wood fence is better prepared for the stormy season:

  • Install wood fencing in a concrete foundation to add strength and prevent water damage from the ground up
  • Paint or stain your wood to protect it from water damage
  • Reapply paint or stain regularly to prevent wear and tear

If you’re interested in installing a weather-proof fence for your yard this year, contact FloriFence today to learn more.

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