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Best Commercial Fences and Gates for Curb Appeal

Your place of business needs to have curb appeal in order to gain foot traffic. Without good outdoor branding, people will have a hard time finding where you are, or may not be tempted to visit your store because the exterior has something left to be desired. A critical part of your curb appeal, in addition to the obvious signs of branding, is your landscape and fencing design choice. 

Fencing can make or break a business’ storefront. A clean and attractive fence will make your storefront look secure and aesthetically pleasing, while a worn and cheap fence will make it look the opposite. 

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing typically looks the most sophisticated of any commercial fence. It resembles the look of wrought iron, but is much less expensive and is naturally rust-resistant which makes it ideal for commercial applications where low maintenance requirements are a priority. 

Black chain link

Chain link fencing is a popular option for commercial fences because it is affordable and can easily be customized to include rolling or automatic gate options. However, traditional chain link does not always look as neat and tidy as many business owners want them to. Choosing a black over silver chain link can make this affordable fence option look more refined. 

Vinyl privacy fencing 

If your business needs privacy fencing, we always recommend vinyl over wood for commercial applications. Not only is vinyl more aesthetically appealing, but it is essentially maintenance-free. Wood will deteriorate over time and requires annual paint or stain retouching which can be burdensome for a business. However, vinyl will stay in near-mint condition with little to no maintenance. 

If you’re interested in building a commercial fence this year, contact FloriFence today! We offer a variety of options for businesses to help them customize their fence to their needs and style. 

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