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Best Backyard Accessories for Spring

For Floridians, February already starts to feel like spring for most of us. The last of the cold fronts are moving in and soon we’ll have nothing but warm afternoons to look forward to. Because spring approaches so rapidly here in south Florida, we recommend prepping your backyard in advance so you can make the most of it. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor spring project to start this month we suggest one of the following accessories: 

Fire pit

In Florida, the summer is typically too hot and humid to enjoy an evening fire. However, you can still catch some cool nights in the late winter and early spring to enjoy s’mores and music in the backyard. A small fire pit is a great addition to get you in your backyard more frequently this season. 

Arbors and pergolas

Now is the time to start planning installations for smaller accessories like arbors and pergolas for the garden. You can grow climbing vines such as confederate jasmine, which will become incredibly fragrant when spring rolls around. 

Vertical planter boxes

It is easy to grow a lot of greenery flowers, and vegetables in Florida due to our warm weather and frequent rains. While most of us utilize pots or garden beds in the backyard, you can create even more space for greenery with vertical planter boxes. These can be installed along the fenceline to add depth and dimension to your backyard design. 

Fence upgrade

As the weather heats up you and the family will want to spend even more time outside. If you want to keep kids and pets protected, however, fencing is a must-have. Installing a new fence or renovating an old one can give you greater privacy, security, and a sense of pride in your backyard’s curb appeal. 

If you’re interested in other ways to renovate your backyard this spring, visit our Resource Center for more ideas. 

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