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Benefits of Wooden Fencing for Businesses

Wood fencing is typically considered a residential fence option. It’s associated with white picket boundaries and backyard fencing to keep kids safe. However, there are many reasons that wood fencing can make an excellent option for businesses as well. Even large facilities can benefit from wood fencing when designed correctly. At FloriFence, we offer plenty of options so you can make wood fencing work for any business type. 

Below are just a few of the benefits your business can enjoy from wood fencing: 

Certain wood types keep pests out. 

Pest problems are critical to control at any business. Not only can they shut you down, but any pest reports can tarnish the reputation of your building for years, even decades to come. Certain wood types, however, can help you control your pest problems. Woods like cedar have natural chemicals that can deter pests from the boundary, and therefore minimize invasions from the outside world. 

Wood offers a more natural look. 

Wood fencing is popular in residential areas for an important reason – it’s timelessly stylish and has a neat appearance. Wood fencing works well for restaurants and entertainment businesses where the outdoor experience is critical to success. A warm wood fence will look more inviting to guests, and provides privacy for outdoor seating or pool areas. 

Wood fencing is affordable. 

Wood fencing is also a highly affordable option for businesses looking to cover large areas of land. For large parking lots and industrial complexes, bare-bones options like split rail fencing can be ideal. Wood fencing is also great for industrial complexes or areas where cost-cutting is of the utmost priority. 

Wood fencing can be made, affordable, luxurious, or somewhere in between for your business. To learn more about our commercial fencing options and installations, contact the FloriFence office today!

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