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Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Businesses

Chain link is one of the most common types of fencing for commercial properties. In large industrial sites and multi-tenant properties, chain link is often the most practical option for several reasons. It is durable, affordable, and can serve a variety of business types for decades. However, choosing the right fence for your property should not be a quick decision. At FloriFence, we strive to provide you with as much information as possible before your installation. 

Safe for all guests

Chain link fencing is ideal for any business that deals with athletics, childcare, pets, or outdoor activities because it is safe and durable for all guests. Chain link is the standard for athletic fields because it has some give but won’t give way entirely to impact. It is also ideal for children or pets because they cannot get splinters or other injuries as easily when in contact with the fencing itself. 

Durable against hurricane season

Chain link is surprisingly one of the most durable fencing types during Florida’s hurricane season. Because it isn’t solid like privacy fencing, it won’t give way as easily to hurricane-force winds. It is also rust-resistant when a proper coating is added, so water damage is not an issue. Unless a tree or falling debris falls on your fence, your chain link will stand up to any storm. 

Our most affordable fencing option

The materials used to make chain link are very affordable, so it is very attainable for a business to install on large pieces of property or on short notice with a lower budget. This does not, however, mean that chain link is “cheap.” We use high-quality chain links that will last for decades with proper care, making it one of our most high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

If you are interested in installing a chain link fence for your commercial property, contact FloriFence today! We offer affordable pricing, fast installation, and a one-year service guarantee for businesses throughout the Tampa area.

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