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Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Businesses

Aluminum fencing is one of our most popular options for commercial properties. This durable and modern alternative to wrought iron offers business and facility owners several benefits that other fencing options simply cannot provide. At FloriFence, we often recommend aluminum fencing for restaurants with outdoor seating, retail stores with outdoor showrooms, and many other businesses that need strong, aesthetically-pleasing fences for their properties. 

Below are just a few of the benefits your business can gain from an aluminum fencing installation:

Professional appearance

Businesses with a high-end clientele, or those where the outdoor experience is critical to success need to think about how their fencing affects their overall landscape. While options like chain link may be cheaper, they do not provide the same style as a regal, back aluminum fence. If style is a critical factor for your fencing, aluminum is a perfect option. 

Automatic gate options

Aluminum fencing can be built with automatic gate options, which is beneficial for any business with enhanced security or congested parking space. A gated business can control traffic in and out and deters unwanted guests from entering your facility. Hotels, multifamily properties, and employee-only parking areas can all benefit from automatic gate options provided with aluminum fencing. 

Minimal maintenance

Aluminum fencing is the most popular metal fence option because it is 100% rust- and water-resistant. Water damage done to other metal fencing types can be difficult to control in Florida, especially if you are located directly on the coast. Aluminum will hold up to Florida summers and salty water with minimal maintenance required other than annual cleaning. 

FloriFence offers both residential and commercial aluminum fence installations, as well as repairs and a one-year service guarantee for all of our work. If you are looking for a fashionable, durable fence addition to your property, call us for a consultation. 

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