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Beautiful Flower Combinations for Your Backyard

As we head into the autumn season, many Florida homeowners are undergoing a change in their landscapes. The summer blooms may slowly start to die off, while other flowers and foliage that struggle with the summer heat may be coming back soon. Luckily for us, Florida has a climate that is conducive to gardening nearly year-round, as we almost never experience snow and rarely experience overnight freezes. Because of this, there are many ways you can revamp your garden for fall with the right change of annual blooms. 

Below are some of the most common flower combinations you can grow in Florida that look beautiful when paired at your fenceline: 

Coreopsis and Gerbera

These two colorful flowers make excellent companion plants as they are similar in height and require similar conditions to grow. They are both ideal border plants and are often used as the border of picket fencing or other low front yard fencing. With a wide variety of colors, you can make beautiful combinations with these two flowers. 

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia and Star Jasmine

The Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia is a beautiful red flower that blooms from fall to spring in Florida. It is taller than some border plants which means it will stand closer to your jasmine when planted close to a trellis. This creates an incredible red and white color palette that looks elegant in any backyard. While star jasmine typically blooms in spring and summer, it can last through the warmer days of fall and brings a beautiful aroma to your backyard. 

Evolvus and Purslane 

These two colorful border plants have beautifully shaped flowers that add plenty of pop to your spring garden. Plant them now to enjoy the beautiful blooms in spring. These two flowers can endure partial shade which is ideal for areas of your yard that are covered by shade from the home, trees, or other obstructions. 

Canna and petunias

Canna flowers are large, bright yellow flowers that are known for their impressive height and broad leaves. When petunias are grown in the same garden, they add a beautiful complementary purple and add ground cover in areas where the tall canna flowers do not. This color combination will light up your backyard all through spring and summer if you start planting early. 

FloriFence loves to help our customers redesign their backyards, from landscaping design to fence design. If you’re interested in more backyard tips for fall, visit our blog!

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