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Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fences are stately decorative fencing you often see in upscale homes and for garden trellises. This age-old fencing stands the test of time both aesthetically and in terms of service life. However, a new competitor is taking center stage: aluminum fencing. This alternative to wrought iron provides several benefits to homeowners that make the choice between the two not so cut and dry. 

The Benefits of Wrought Iron

The primary reason people choose wrought iron is for its aesthetic appeal. Most wrought iron fencing comes in intricate designs that cannot be duplicated with other fencing materials like wood or aluminum. Plus, this fencing is heavy, which means it is difficult to destroy even for crafty intruders and harsh summer storms. 

The Benefits of Aluminum 

While wrought iron is a traditional choice for metal fencing, there are many reasons why homeowners are switching to aluminum. Unlike wrought iron, aluminum won’t rust. This makes it much more maintenance-friendly than iron that needs to be protected with wax or a sealant every few years. Aluminum is also less expensive than wrought iron and is, therefore, more accessible to families looking to stay on a budget. While aluminum is more lightweight and therefore more prone to storm or burglar damage, this makes it easier and oftentimes more affordable to install as well. 

Which is Best?

Choosing aluminum or wrought iron for your fence is not a clear decision. Choosing what’s right for your property will depend on your fencing goals, budget, and long-term plans for the property. For example, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to use for a home in which you won’t be owning forever, aluminum is the way to go. However, if you’re looking to add lasting value to a home and don’t mind the price tag, wrought iron may be the better alternative. 

At FloriFence, we care about customer satisfaction first. Our team is here to help educate and guide you toward the right decision for your property. If you have more questions about different fencing types, give us a call!

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