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Advantages and Disadvantages of Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fences are a staple of Central Florida farm country. They are most often used in agricultural settings to fence off paddocks and pastures for livestock but are making a resurgence in residential properties for their vintage aesthetic appeal. If you are considering a wood fence for your property, you may want to install a split rail as opposed to other styles of wood fencing in Florida. 

However, before you decide on split rail fencing, it’s important to understand both the pros and cons of this design:

Split rail fences are affordable.

Because split rail fences are minimal in design, they are often more affordable than solid wood fencing builds. This can be a great advantage if you have a large area to cover or simply want a fence for aesthetic purposes instead of for practical security. 

Split rail fences are not right for most pets or children. 

If you are looking for a fence that will keep dogs, cats, and kids safe, then a split rail fence is not for you. They are built to keep livestock contained but the railing is easy for a child to climb through or a dog to crawl under. 

Split rail fences are easy and fast to install. 

Split rail fences are suitable for most types of terrain and are relatively easy to install. Because they use the bare minimum of material, they are also faster to install than a typical privacy fence. This is especially important if you have a lot of ground to cover. 

Split rail fences don’t add to the privacy or security of your home. 

Because split rail fencing is so open, it does not protect your property or provide any privacy. While it can more concretely define property boundary lines, it is not a practical deterrent against intruders or wildlife. 

Split rail fences add a rustic charm to your property.

Because split rail fencing is so often used for agriculture, it offers a distinctive folk charm when added to a residential property. This can enhance the look of a cabin or cottage-style home when built with dark stained wood. They can also add a vintage beach style when built with clean white fence posts. 

Thinking about installing a split rail fence for your home or property? Contact FloriFence today to learn more about this unique fencing style!

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