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A Look Above the Rest: The Appeal of Customized Fencing

Many clients come to FloriFence looking for standard fencing options. If they’re homeowners, they are usually adding a fence to a new home or are replacing a damaged one. Businesses usually come to us right as they’re about to expand, or if they’re planning major renovations and need a quick fix. Typically, they are looking for the simplest solution to get the job done.

At FloriFence, however, we encourage you to look into custom fencing options for your property. Custom fencing provides a variety of benefits that can last for decades. If you’re thinking about starting a fencing project, consider these possibilities: 

Enhance your curb appeal

Oftentimes in residential areas, fencing contractors will reach out to all homes in an area and install the same fencing for each. This saves the contractor time and money, but it doesn’t make your home stand out. By choosing a custom fencing option, you can make your home look the best on the block.

Customize your look and experience

Standard fencing will simply close in the perimeter of your property. However, if you choose a custom option, you can add gates, smaller fenced-in areas, and different fencing materials for different needs. This opens up possibilities to change the function of your backyard or commercial space to better suit your needs.

Overcome landscaping obstacles

If you have a tricky landscape to work with (for example, a treeline where you’d like fencing or garden areas that need protection), custom fencing is the best option for you. Custom heights, materials, and decorative designs can increase your options without having to alter the landscape of your property.

Custom gate options

In addition to custom toppers, lattice, and decorative elements for fencing, FloriFence also offers custom gate options. This can add elegance, sophistication, and function to your fencing. Check out our products page to see examples of our gates and accessories.

Increase property value

Custom fencing will not only enhance your property’s aesthetic value, but it may also increase its monetary value. If you’re planning to sell or rent the property, consider this in the fencing material and design you choose.

FloriFence offers custom toppers, gates, a variety of materials, and powder coating to make your fence stand out from the crowd. We can build a unique environment for your outdoor space that truly adds value. If you want to learn more about our custom fencing options, contact us today!

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