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A guide to decorating your fence naturally

At FloriFence, our passion is beautiful and practical fencing. We supply our clients with a variety of fencing options and ensure that their installation will last for decades. However, we know that some customers want more from their fencing than practicality. The avid gardener or nature lover typically wants ways to decorate their fencing or make use of it within their garden space.

Fencing can be a great place to grow vines, attach hanging plants, or use them as support for other elements of your garden. Below are just a few ideas on how to decorate your fencing with natural beauty:

Hanging plants

Maximize your garden space by hanging plants or mounting posts to your fencing. Herbs, flowers, and floral murals are all possible with a bit of engineering and a green thumb. You’ll want to ask your installation crew if the fence will be able to withstand the additions, but most fencing will be strong enough to hold small fixtures up.


Birdhouses can be easily installed on wood fencing. You simply nail the birdhouse to the fence, or can build a birdhouse from scratch using the fence as the back. Gourd birdhouses are also easy to hang from a wooden fence and can be easily made from scratch. This is a great addition to gardens with plenty of flowers or vines nearby.


Vines can make any fence transform from ordinary to extraordinary. We recommend choosing one of these flowering vines or another native species that will grow around fencing. However, if you choose this option, it’s important to keep maintenance in mind. An overgrown vine can weaken the structural integrity of your fencing over time. Make sure to trim back periodically to keep the vines looking nice and the fencing intact.

DIY art projects

If you have an artistic streak, you can paint designs, use stencils, or build DIY crafts in the backyard to give it a more personalized touch. This is most suitable for wood fencing, as it is typically not recommended to alter vinyl fencing with paint. There are plenty of DIY fencing art projects online to try, many of which are kid-friendly.

Solar lights

Solar lights are a great eco-friendly way to light up your backyard or garden space. They are relatively affordable and can be used both practically and decoratively. Many DIY projects include mason jar solar lights which look as charming during the day as they do at night. Plus, they can be installed onto fence posts to light up the entire backyard.

FloriFence loves to see the different ways our customers make their fencing unique after installation. If you want to share with us your gardening tips and tricks, tag us on Facebook or send us an email!

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