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4 Tips for Decorating Your Backyard for Summer Parties

Make use of flowers. 

Nothing makes a backyard party look more vibrant and inviting than fresh flowers. Small centerpieces on your tables will make your table setting look sophisticated without being overdone. You can also purchase hanging or potted flowers to decorate your backyard that will have long-term use after your party. 

Offer a snack bar.

A snack bar that has candy, fruit, or other fun summer drinks and snacks is the perfect way to welcome your guests and encourage mingling. You don’t have to go all out with decorative elements (unless you have a party theme you want to enhance with your snack bar), but a nice tablecloth and bouquet will bring your snack bar to life. 

Put up cafe lights. 

Cafe lights are simple, romantic decorations that will light up the night for your summer party. They can hang from tree to tree or be installed using poles, and will transform your party into something truly spectacular. Plus, they look great year-round and don’t need to be taken down immediately after your party. 

Decorate your fencing. 

Fencing can serve as the backdrop for your party if you use it wisely. Add summer wreaths, lighting, or a simple garland of summer flowers to your fence to make it stand out on the block. As long as you’re using safe hanging equipment and not drilling into your fence, you won’t have to worry about chipping the paint or powder coating. 

Make your summer party stand out with these simple DIY tips! And, if you have any questions about safe decorating options for fencing, contact FloriFence for help. 

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