Home Improvement Stores vs. FloriFence Service

When looking to install a fence, many customers first call their local home improvement store for help. Most major retailers will carry vinyl, wood, and aluminum fencing available in panels, or will offer installation services when you purchase materials. While these options may be convenient, they are not the same as the service you receive from a local fence contractor like FloriFence. 

FloriFence offers something the big box stores can’t – friendly service from neighbors you trust. While they might offer the same installation, they don’t offer the custom fence design, repeat customer service, or personal touches that you get when working with a local brand. When you’re working with FloriFence on your fence installation, you can expect: 

Personalized consultation

Before we schedule your service, a FloriFence representative will sit down and talk with you about your fence ideas and the needs of your home. Do you have kids, or pets that need to be kept safely within the yard? What about a pool? We’ll go over all of the elements of your backyard that will affect your fence design, and help you choose the right option for your home or business. 

Greater fence options

Because home improvement stores don’t specialize in fencing, they only carry the most popular options in stores. At FloriFence, however, all we do is fencing. We carry dozens of fence styles and materials, and can further customize these with custom toppers, paints, powder coating, and more. 

One-year service guarantee

At FloriFence, our customers’ satisfaction is our one and only priority. We offer a one-year service guarantee on all fence installations to ensure that if something goes wrong, you have someone to call for help. 

If you’re interested in high-quality, custom fence designs as opposed to a generic fence you can get anywhere, talk to FloriFence today!

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