Backyard Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Many Floridians love to spend summer by their backyard pool. Because of our year-round warm weather, pools are a common feature for homes and can make a summer staycation that much more enjoyable. However, homeowners must be careful with their pools to ensure accidents don’t happen with children and pets. 

Below are some common safety tips you can use to make your backyard pool a safe place to play:

Purchase a pool cover or pool net. 

Pool nets are a simple and affordable way to prevent accidents near the pool, especially for young children and pets. These nets create a taut barrier so that if someone falls in the pool, they will safely be kept near the surface. If a child or pet falls in the pool, they can generally sit up and avoid going under until someone is there to rescue them. 

Install a pool alarm.

Pool alarms can also be installed to alert you if anything falls in the pool while you’re not around. Like a security alarm, they can be turned on or off and will ring if the water surface breaks while activated. This can make your pool generally safer and ensure that if someone falls in, you can address the situation immediately. 

Make pool rules. 

Children can get hurt by the poolside if they are running, rough-housing, or simply not watching where they’re going on a slippery surface. Teach your children from a young age to never run near the pool or dive head-first, as these are the most common causes of pool accidents.

Install a pool fence. 

One of the best ways to keep children and pets away from the poolside is to install a gated pool fence. These are often required in residential areas, and ensure that children and pets do not have access to the pool unless you’re supervising. 

FloriFence offers pool fencing of all styles and pricing to ensure you can keep your loved ones safe this summer. To learn more about pool fencing options, contact your local FLoriFence today!

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