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Fencing Day: April 29, 2022

Five Reasons To Choose Local Contractors

FloriFence has been in the Tampa area for decades, and our reputation has carried us far. We get much of our business through referrals from happy customers, and love working with the local clientele to

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Is Wood Fencing Out of Style?

FloriFence has been in business for decades now, and we’ve seen every trend come and go. From different colors and gate designs to low and high fencing trends, we know what will stick around and

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Building the Best Fence for Children

Fence in the entire yard.  Some homeowners opt for partial fencing with open spaces instead of gates. Typically, we don’t recommend this for families with children because it is too easy (and too tempting) for

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Waterfront Backyard Designs for Summer 2022

Waterfront property is often coveted in Florida for its unparalleled beauty and stable value regardless of wavering economic factors. And lucky, in the Tampa area, we have plenty of it. While a waterfront property will

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Backyard Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Many Floridians love to spend summer by their backyard pool. Because of our year-round warm weather, pools are a common feature for homes and can make a summer staycation that much more enjoyable. However, homeowners

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Florida Backyard Trends for 2022

At FloriFence, we love helping customers give their backyards a makeover with new fencing. A fence installation or renovation can change the shape and character of your yard easily, and typically isn’t too expensive for

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