Why You Need To Face Your Fence Posts Toward Your House

Building a fence is a time-intensive and often laborious task. The last thing you want is to have to do it all over in a few years. At FloriFence, we strive not only to build, but to educate our clients on proper fence etiquette and design so that they are happy with them for decades. 

A proper fence design includes the following elements: 

  • The right materials for your property needs and style
  • Adequate gate options for accessibility 
  • Aesthetically pleasing color, finish, and toppers 
  • A design that adds value to your home 
  • A fence that won’t detract from neighbors or the greater community

The last element – a design that won’t detract from neighboring property values or community relationships – is one of the most important. If your fence only adds value to your property but is an eyesore to the rest, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and won’t make any friends in your area. 

This is why we always face fence posts inward when building a new residential fence. This ensures that the flat side of the fencing (especially for privacy fencing) faces neighbors and the street. This ensures your house looks great from the outside and you won’t get any complaints from your HOA or other homes after you build your fence. 

Is there an exception to this rule?

Sometimes, you can build your fence with the fence posts facing outward. If the fence does not directly border other properties, or if you share an alley between the houses, it is typically acceptable to build them facing outward. However, this design option should only be used if your fence does not obstruct anyone’s front or backyard view, and there is no new construction that might change the layout of the neighborhood. 

You can also choose fencing that has no protruding fence posts (sometimes called the “good neighbor fence”) but these can be slightly more expensive to install. However, these fencing designs ensure you never have to sacrifice your aesthetic preferences for the good of your neighbor’s backyard view. 

To learn more about proper fencing etiquette or design options for your home, visit our blog to find your next inspiration!

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