What To Do If Your Neighbor Doesn’t Like Your Fence Installation

Installing a new fence is an exciting home project. You can customize the design, enhance your curb appeal, and enjoy your backyard a little more now that it’s private and secure. However, not everyone may be so excited for your new installation. While you hope to have low-maintenance neighbors who won’t mind a new fence, you can ruffle some feathers if you don’t do it right. 

Why You Should Talk To Your Neighbors Before Installing A Fence

Perhaps the new fence is blocking the view from their driveway, or they were planning on adding a fence of their own that doesn’t match yours. Maybe they believe the fence will impede on their garden plans, or they simply like the look of matching yards. Whatever the reason, if your neighbors don’t like your fence, you are guaranteed to cause a rift in your relationship with them. 

At the end of the day, it’s your decision. If you want a fence on your property you have the right to install one regardless of your neighbor’s opinions (unless of course it’s against your HOA policies). However, there are some ways to compromise that don’t leave a bad taste in your or your neighbors’ mouths: 

  • Leave the front yard of the property line without fencing – If you don’t mind leaving a part of the property line unfenced, such as the front yard, then consider doing so as a venture. This way your neighbor doesn’t have an unwanted fence the entire length of the boundary line. 
  • Compromise on the color or material and split the cost of the fence you share – If your neighbor is upset because they were also planning a fence design, offer to plan the project together and split the cost. While you may have to give up some of your ideas, you can reduce the price of the fencing along the boundary line and make some friends in the process.  
  • Build a lower fence – If your neighbor’s problem is with the height of the fence, consider adding a lower section around the front yard so that their view of the road is not impeded from the driveway. You still may want privacy fencing for the backyard, but this ensures your fence isn’t posing any practical problems. 

Strong neighbor relationships can go a long way, so be sure to talk to them and include them in your conversations prior to the installation. And don’t be afraid to ask your FloriFence contractors about doing the same installation for both homes! We are happy to help you and your neighbors design the perfect fence for your area.

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