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Fencing Day: October 29, 2021

How To Save On Your Next Fence Installation

At FloriFence, we try to make every fence installation affordable for our client’s specific budget. However, the larger your property or higher quality materials you choose, the more your fencing project will inevitably cost. While

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What To Do If Your Aluminum Fence Bends

Aluminum fencing is built to stand the test of time. As one of the most popular metal fence options on the market, it is generally sturdy enough to last several decades with very little maintenance

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Best Options for Porch and Patio Fencing

Nothing is more beautiful than a home with a wrap-around patio or spacious porch to enjoy the afternoon sunshine or spend an evening around the fire. In Florida, many older homes have wrap-around porches and

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Do I Need Fencing For An Above-Ground Pool?

Pools are a staple in many Floridian backyards, but not all homeowners are excited about the maintenance and limitations that come with an in-ground pool. These are difficult to drain, are more expensive to install,

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