What Can Damage An Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum fencing is a sleek and stylish design option for homes and businesses of all kinds. Aluminum fencing provides a similar look to wrought iron with its black, bold elegance. However, it is much easier to maintain and is rust-proof, making the aluminum more suitable for Florida homes. We often recommend aluminum fencing for those who are looking for a simple fence that won’t need much care once it’s installed. However, there are still dangers to your aluminum fence that you need to watch out for if you want it to last. 

Beware of these three causes of aluminum damage in order to maintain a lifelong beautiful fence: 

Soil erosion

Most aluminum fencing is lightweight, meaning that it needs a strong foundation in order to survive. Soil erosion, therefore, can cause your fence to lean after many years if you do not have a concrete foundation underneath. We highly recommend pouring concrete for your fencing, but if you don’t be aware of this possible complication down the road. 

Acidic cleaners and bleach

Aluminum is a relatively stain-resistant fencing option. It does not show dirt easily and won’t stain unless accidentally painted or graffitied. You typically won’t need to clean your aluminum fence at all, but you should never use acidic cleaners or bleach. These harsh chemicals can cause corrosion and ruin the look of your pristine aluminum. 

Fallen debris

Aluminum fences are lightweight, and unfortunately more susceptible to collapse if fallen tree branches or debris falls on them. This can be especially problematic during Florida’s hurricane season. To avoid this happening to your fence, be sure to trim back dead tree branches and always secure any patio furniture or outdoor appliances before hurricanes or tropical storms. 

Aluminum fencing is a great option if you take care of it properly. For more questions about aluminum fencing care or to request a consultation, contact our offices today!

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