Underrated Fencing Styles You Should Consider

At FloriFence, we love experimenting with new fencing designs for our clients. While standard privacy fencing looks great in all applications, there are some fencing installs that require a more modern approach. Below are some underrated fencing designs we recommend for anyone looking to spice up their backyard look: 

Colorful fencing

Many people are afraid to experiment with fencing colors because they are so rarely seen. Most people choose white or a natural stain for their wood fencing, but there are plenty of options to give your fencing some character. In Florida, green and or cool gray fencing can be quite stylish to complement a coastal home style. Some homeowners are even going for dark greys, blacks, or burnt orange fencing to make a stylish statement with their fences.

Mix and match styles

If you are looking for aesthetics over security, you may consider installing a mix of traditional and stone or hedging to create a modern look for your outdoor space. Aluminum and wood fences make great accents between stone walls or surrounding a garden pergola.

Vintage fencing

Many people consider picket fences or aluminum trellises to be vintage, but they can bring a unique style to your home’s exterior if done properly. Aluminum fencing looks best with a well-kept lawn and garden, while picket fencing can make a suburban home appear welcoming and family-friendly. Ask your FloriFence contractor about these different fencing styles. 

Semi-solid fencing

Many people want a fence that will provide both privacy and security for their property. However, the solid wall of wood or vinyl can look a bit bland, which is why we recommend semi-solid fencing for some installations. While a slatted fence does provide some visibility in and out, it can create a unique visual effect that provides mostly privacy and overcompensates with style. 

If you’re interested in any of these styles, contact your FloriFence specialist today! We can help you plan a perfect fencing project for your home and execute with exceptional customer service. 

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