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Fencing Day: July 30, 2021

Supplies You Need To Care for an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is a beautiful option for both residential and commercial facilities alike. This sturdy, elegant fencing option is used for garden fencing and for stately front entrances. Unlike its lookalike wrought iron, this fencing

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Supplies You Need To Care for a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties. These low-maintenance fences are both beautiful and practical. They offer plenty of privacy and will stand up to the most intense of Florida’s

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Five Signs of Poor Fencing Installation

FloriFence is one of the top-rated fencing contractors in Central Florida. Because of this, many of our customers come to us in order to fix their not-so-professional fencing jobs. Unfortunately, it happens more often than

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Best Fencing For Hotel and Condo Pools

FloriFence specializes in commercial fencing for businesses across Central Florida. We receive quite a few requests for hotel and condominium pool fencing. It is an essential safety element for most hotels, and can instantly increase

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