What’s The Right Fence Stain For You?

FloriFence specializes in custom fence design for Tampa Bay homes and businesses. Many people do not realize that a part of this custom process is choosing the right color for your fencing. We often recommend stains for wood fencing because they provide a subtle color while still allowing the wood grain to show through. If you’re interested in choosing a wood stain for your fence, these are some of our customer’s most popular picks: 

Natural wood stains

There’s nothing wrong with the classics! A Natural wood stain will enhance the natural color, preserve the wood itself, and reduce your maintenance requirements. We recommend everyone use some sort of stain to protect their wood fencing, and a natural stain is perfect for those who love the look of their natural fence. 


Some low-cost wood fencing will have a greenish tint to it, and this can make your fencing look cheaper than it is. A green wood stain makes this green tint look more even and adds a bit of visual interest to your home. Green stains, when chosen to complement your home’s color and greenery, will look modern without being overly trendy.


Dark blue and navy wood stains can make your fencing stand out from the crowd. These are especially popular in coastal areas where greens and blues are common colors for housing. We think they look fantastic in darker colors and will add a sense of sophistication to your fence. 

Before you stain your entire fencing, you should test it on one panel to ensure you love the final result. Some stains will look different on your fence than they do in the store, so we recommend this step to ensure you love the end result. You’ll also need to check with your HOA to ensure that wood fence stains are acceptable by their guidelines. 

FloriFence offers a variety of wood stain and paint options for homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about your fencing options, contact FloriFence today!

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