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Fencing Day: May 31, 2021

Four Pest Prevention Tips for Wooden Fencing

Florida homeowners are unfortunately susceptible to a variety of pests and unwanted wildlife on their properties. Florida has a thriving variety of wildlife that can make its way onto your property and destroy your things,

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What’s The Right Fence Stain For You?

FloriFence specializes in custom fence design for Tampa Bay homes and businesses. Many people do not realize that a part of this custom process is choosing the right color for your fencing. We often recommend

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What’s The Right Fence Color For You?

FloriFence is a full-service fencing installation specialist, and for us, that means creating custom solutions that our clients love. However, many of them come to us looking for the simplest solution, not realizing that they

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Fencing Laws You Need To Know

If you are considering adding a new fence, there is a strict protocol of preparation to do it right. This is especially true if you are building a boundary fence between two properties, or if

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Three Ornamental Fencing Ideas

There are few things more stylish in the fencing world than ornamental fencing for homes and businesses. Whether you want to decorate your storefront or add some curb appeal to your home, a traditional ornamental

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Four Creative Ideas for Fence Toppers

FloriFence works hard to ensure our clients receive the exact fence design that suits their personal needs and home style. A part of this is designing custom fence toppers that add curb appeal and enhance

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