How to Tell if Your Trees are Healthy

At FloriFence, we care about the long-term home happiness of our customers. When we install a fence, we’re doing more than adding a structural element — we’re adding privacy, security, and beauty to a property. That is why we look after our customers and ensure they are prepared for everything that comes with owning a vinyl, metal, or wooden fence. 

One of the variants that many customers don’t consider when installing a fence is their tree placement and health in the backyard. A tree that is young and growing may eventually run into a fence and even overpower it depending on the species. An old tree, on the other hand, can lose branches that will land on your fence and cause damage if you’re not paying attention. And in Florida, unhealthy or dead trees can be dangerous during the hurricane season. 

Below is a list of signs that your tree might be unhealthy or dead. If you notice these signs, it may be time to cut it down to protect your fencing and property from damage:

  • Fungus is growing on the trunk (Fungus only grows on dead or decaying plant matter)
  • Carpenter ants or piles of sawdust-like material are present near the tree (carpenter ants eat dead or decaying wood)
  • There are major cracks in the trunk
  • The trunk is bending or sagging
  • Bark is easy to chip away
  • New leaves have stopped growing or are falling out of season
  • Large cavities are developing inside the tree, indicative of damage caused by animals

In contrast, a healthy tree will have: 

  • One main trunk that stands straight 
  • Strong bark that does not have fungus growing on it and is not easy to chip off
  • Full branches with new growth in the spring and summer
  • Healthy leaves with relatively uniform color (except in the fall when leaves change color)

Maintaining your tree health will create a more beautiful backyard and a safer property. To learn more about general landscaping tips, visit our blog or contact us for support!

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