Why should I choose a fence contractor?

Choosing the right contractor can be difficult for homeowners and businesses alike. Its hard to know who to trust, and one bad experience can make you hesitant to bring a crew to your property the next time instead of doing the project yourself. However, there are many reasons why you need and should choose a contractor to install your fence.

Professional advice on purchasing your fencing material

The internet offers a rich research hub for homeowners to learn about home improvement projects. However, nothing is as good as personalized advice from a fencing contractor. Our staff can help you choose among many different fencing options from vinyl to aluminum, chain link, wood fencing, and a variety of paint and sealant options. Professional installers, like FloriFence, also offer custom gate and trim options, so a personalized consult is a must.

Professional paint, stain, or powder coating service

If you have experience with home improvement projects, you may have the tools on hand to paint a wooden fence on your own. However, professional services offer you a superior end result because of the access we have to professional equipment (not to mention the time saved by outsourcing the task). Plus, you can only get certain finishing services, such as powder coating, through a professional fencing contractor.

Licensed and insured contractors

When you choose a fencing contractor instead of going the DIY route, you should always hire someone who is licensed and insured. This protects you as the property owner and takes away the responsibility in case something goes wrong during installation. Professional services are much safer in this way.

Service guarantee

If you choose the DIY route, all of the service touch-ups and problems are your responsibility. However, if you hire a fencing contractor, you are oftentimes offered a service guarantee. This eliminates the hassle for you and gives you peace of mind during and after the installation process.

At FloriFence, we understand your concerns and do everything in our power to alleviate them. We offer a one-year service guarantee for all fencing installations. Want to learn more? Check out our reviews or contact our offices to speak to a knowledgeable representative today.

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