Fencing in Florida: Reasons to choose aluminum for your commercial fence

Aluminum fencing has been growing in popularity over the decades, and for many reasons. This rust-resistant fencing option is more affordable than iron and other metals, while providing the same beautiful appearance. It is also a superior building material for security and longevity, which is why many commercial facilities are making the switch to aluminum with fencing additions or reconstructions.

At FloriFence, we want to help you make the best choice of fencing for your commercial facility. Below are just some of the benefits of aluminum fencing you should consider, as well as some characteristics of aluminum that make it less suitable for come businesses.

The Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Commercial Facilities

  • Aluminum is more affordable than iron. Many commercial facilities choose aluminum in lieu of iron because it provides many of the same benefits without the added expense. This is also why FloriFence specializes in aluminum customization for fencing. We can offer the same look as wrought iron in a more affordable material.
  • Aluminum fencing is aesthetically pleasing for commercial facilities. Because of FloriFence’s customization and powder coating options, aluminum is a versatile fencing material for all kinds of designs. For front entrances and outdoor showrooms, we recommend aluminum based on its appearance alone.
  • They’re built to last. Aluminum is both a durable and rust-resistant material. It is considered one of the strongest fencing options, and is able to provide enhanced security.
  • They’re maintenance-free. Because aluminum is rust-resistant, it is very easy to maintain. It requires minimal cleaning, and if you choose powder coating, the color will last for years.

While aluminum is an ideal aesthetic choice, it does not provide privacy for your business. It can also have a more rustic appearance, which may not be the ambiance you want for a modern office building. If that is the case, FloriFence offers a variety of other fencing options including wood and vinyl for your commercial facility.

FloriFence is Tampa Bay’s top fencing installation and service team. We offer a 1-year service warranty and only source materials made in America. This sets us apart from other fencing installation services that do not put quality first. When you choose FloriFence, you’re guaranteed an exceptional experience.

To learn more about aluminum fencing options, contact us today!

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