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2021 Vinyl Fence Color Trends

Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular options we offer at FloriFence. This low-maintenance, long-lasting fence material is a top choice for residential areas. While it can be pricey, most homeowners agree that the 20+ year lifespan and damage resistance of this fence makes it well worth the investment. Plus, you can powder coat vinyl fencing to make it more suitable for your home’s style. 

Below are the top vinyl fence colors of 2021, and why they may be suitable for your home: 

Cool green

Cool green colors are very popular in Florida, especially in coastal neighborhoods. Turquoise and fern shades of green are muted enough to not stand out too much in a neighborhood but will provide a creative and colorful burst of energy to your backyard space. If you live near the waterfront, this is an especially wise choice. 

Fawn and aspen 

White fences are often overdone, but many homeowners want to stick to a neutral color, especially if they must abide by HOA restrictions. In this case, we recommend lighter shades of cream, golden-brown, and tan to offset the harshness of a bright white fence. This can also help your fence blend into the background while providing a calming ambiance to your backyard. 


Some vinyl fences come with textures that mimic wood grain, providing the natural look of wood with the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl. If you are shopping for a vinyl fence like that, we highly recommend deep shades of walnut or redwood. These rich tones will make your vinyl fence seem even more luxurious while hiding stains or dirt that may occur. 

Burnt orange

Orange is a bold color choice no matter where you place it in the home, but it can be a great complement to a lush green garden when done right. Remember, you must really love the bright tones of a burnt orange-brown if you’re going to powder coat your fence, as it will last 20 years or more. However, a brown fence with a mild orange tint can be energetic and beautiful all year round. 

FloriFence offers powder coating for all of our vinyl fencing installations. TO learn more about your color options, contact our offices today!

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