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20 Reasons To Say Yes To A New Fence

Are you thinking about installing a new fence at home or at your commercial facility? If so, you’ve come to the right place! FloriFence is a comprehensive service provider for fencing installations in the Tampa area. We help our clients make sound decisions based on their needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. We always want to guide you in the right direction to building a fence for your property that will last. 

If you’re uncertain of whether or not to begin a new fencing project, we are here to help. Below are 20 reasons to consider building a new fence this summer including how it will improve your property’s security, privacy, and safety:

  • Installing a fence is a simple way to instantly add curb appeal
  • Fencing can increase property value for both residential and commercial facilities
  • A fence defines the border between you and neighboring properties
  • Fencing keeps your garden contained and keeps neighboring weeds out
  • Fencing helps to secure your property against intruders
  • A fence can create more privacy for your yard
  • Fencing keeps commercial facility property safe
  • Fencing separates outdoor showrooms from parking lots and other areas of your commercial property
  • Fencing keeps livestock safe and secured
  • Fencing keeps pets and children safe
  • Fencing can make a residential pool safer, and may be required in some areas
  • Fencing can reduce noise in busy suburban areas
  • A fence can be a more attractive view than your street or nearby properties
  • Fencing can support hanging plants, lighting, and other outdoor fixtures
  • Security fencing can help lower insurance premiums
  • Fencing can keep wild animals out of your property
  • Automatic gates in fencing make your front entrance more secure
  • Fencing can match your home’s porch and outdoor railing to create a more cohesive home design
  • Fences are highly affordable for the service life they provide (between 10-25 years)

At FloriFence, we believe that professional fencing installation can improve almost any property. To learn more about your options for fencing in Florida, contact our offices today!

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